Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Dear Kids,
      Missy just called and said that Allen is receiving a MAJOR AWARD! It’s a pretty big deal, because he’s been chosen officer of the year in Centerville. There’s a ceremony on March 27, when they’ll present it to him. Missy said it might be just a plaque, but maybe it’s even better–maybe money? Who knows. Dad and I will be on hand, for sure. I’ll let you know where and when, in a later letter, if other family members can come. Missy also said they’re planning to do an Easter picnic at their house again this year. Yay! I think Easter Saturday is April 7th.
      Sharon and Seth’s baby is due in six days, and Sharon says that they couldn’t have chosen a worse time, if they’d thrown darts at a board. It’s below zero every day, with a wind chill taking it down to the minus 20's or so, and their car won’t start. Besides that, Seth has a big project (or is it a presentation) due. But of course they’ll be happy to have the baby here, safe and healthy, no matter what else is going on. I’m flying to Michigan next Tuesday, and I’ll be staying a week, so in my next letter I’ll be able to report on the baby, and if things are still cold in Michigan.
     Jana McGettigan had surgery again last Friday, and this time they took her lymph nodes. She said that out of 18, only one had cancer, so hopefully her chemotherapy won’t be so severe. She’ll start the chemo in a couple of weeks, and it will last several months. Glen says the kids can pretty well take care of themselves, but I hope she’ll let me take them off her hands now and then.
      Dad and I went snowboarding last Friday night, and the main thing we learned is that you simply don’t go to a resort that hasn’t had snow for a month. (Unless maybe it’s Deer Valley, where they groom like crazy.) We went to Wolf Mountain, and it was solid ice with maybe an inch of man-made snow on the top. All we did was fall down. I felt sorry for the kids who were having lessons, first-timers who didn’t know any better. I wanted to shout at them, “Go home! It isn’t supposed to be like this.” But, of course, I didn’t. After an hour or so of minor falls, Dad took one really hard fall on his shoulder, so we quit. Will we get another chance, this year? It feels like spring outside, but who knows?
      Monica’s wedding plans are getting better and better. She wants to have “things to do” in the cabin yard, like badminton, horseshoes, and croquet. I said, “Oh, yeah, old guys like horseshoes, don’t they? Does Neil’s father do horseshoes?” She said, “Neil does horseshoes.”
      Ok, so much the better. He’ll know how to set up the posts. We’ll have to get out the cowboy golf, too, that Vanessa and Trent made. Monica wants to be sure people have lots to do. Her idea for a wedding cake is a cupcake tree, which is very trendy now. She says it will be less work for me, too. I already know where to get the stand.
      If you happen to go by Grandma and Grandpa Allen’s house, they have books out on their dining room table that anybody can take. They’re downsizing. I took a few. I also got lots of the cabin decor out of their family room in the basement. Bonnie said for me to take it, so of course I did. I’m using most of it at the cabin.
      Life is good! Love, Mom