Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dear Kids,
      Dad and I had great fun going to the ceremony where Al received his “Officer of the Year” award. It was at the Elks’ Lodge in Bountiful, and they were giving awards to the best officers and dispatchers in all of Davis County, so there were about ten cities. But the presentation for Allen was the best, because of the cool things they said about him (while he stood up in front, holding his award.) Did you all know that they call him “Spike?” That’s because of the time that a Farmington officer was chasing a suspect down into Centerville, and Allen was all ready for them. He threw down a spike strip to stop the suspect’s car, but he was too late, and he took out the tires on the officer’s car, instead. Funny, I never heard that story before. But in spite of that, they said that Allen is the kind of officer every chief wants to have on his force. During the rest of the program, we were more interested in whose radios were going off, and which officers suddenly got up and left. We could only wonder where they were headed. At the end of the program they had all the officers come up for one big picture, and Allen was definitely the handsomest of them all. And he looks the most like a cop.
      We’re looking forward to Ali’s blessing in Price this Sunday. The following Sunday, March 11th, will be Aubrey’s blessing in Heber. Sacrament meeting is at 1:00, in the Church on 5th North. Coming into Heber from the north, you turn left at Smiths, and it’s the first church on your left. (Don’t laugh–there’s another church just like it a couple of blocks farther down.) John says that they’ll have a dinner at 4:00, after the block. It should be fun.
      Last Friday Katie Rickett got married at our church, by Bishop Little, in the Relief Society room. Her new husband, Scott, seems like a really nice guy. They were going to Park City for their honeymoon, so Donna gave them free passes to ski at Deer Valley. Scott said, “Do I have to wear fur?” Donna helped me with the food, and she washed lots of dishes. Towards the end of the reception, Brittney Putnam and her mom came, so that was lots of fun for Donna. She and Katie and Brittney used to hang out a lot together. But of course the best thing about the reception was that all the Ricketts were there. Becky has a little girl about five who looks just like her. Ben talked to Dad about computers. Laurina looked the same, but not Matt–he’s bald and chunky. I wouldn’t have known who he was, except that he was holding a toddler that was definitely a Nixon. Jared’s wife Tammy did the decorations and the photography. Nate was there in a black shirt, but he was pleasant. Sandra and Chris looked very tired, and I think they were glad to have it over with.
      Nancy sent out an e-mail reminding us to send her our recipes for the new book. I have to get on the ball about that. I have lots of new recipes. If you haven’t sent yours in yet, please do it ASAP. Her e-mail is:
      I’m writing this letter at Grandma and Grandpa’s, and Grandma just demonstrated her new chair for me. She pushes a button, and it catapults her out of it. Well, not exactly, but it lifts up and tips her forward, so she can get out more easily. Isn’t technology great?
      I love you all! Mom