Friday, June 27, 2008

Dear Kids,
     I’m at the cabin today, and I’ve been working outside with Bentley and Emma. We’re digging a big hole for the foundation of the bunkhouse. Does anybody remember the summer of 1984, when I excavated the basement of the add-on to our house? John, you’ve gotta remember pulling the wheelbarrow up the ramp with a rope, don’t you? This is deja vu for me. Except that the hole will only be half as deep. Originally Lonnie Yeaman was going to bring his equipment and excavate for us, but last time I asked him about it he was very vague about when he might be able to come. Family vacation, and such. So, always being a digger at heart, I thought it might be fun. So far it’s going OK.
      Here’s some information about the family reunion: It will officially start Monday, the 28th of July, at the main pool at Lava Hot Springs, at 11:00 am, when the pool opens. (You can find it on google earth at 42°37'17.45" North, 112°00'53.31" West.) If anybody wants to come to Pocatello on Sunday, Vanessa will find a place for you to stay over. (Dad and I are going Friday, so we can watch the Spudman in Burley on Saturday.) We’ll be giving out food assignments, and Dad and I will provide the makings for hoagies. The pool is open until 8pm, so you can stay as long as you want. There are big grassy areas by the pool for family reunions, so we hope to stake out a good place. We’ve gotta have some fun family reunion activities, so could every family think of three “Ackerson Family” trivia questions (sample, “How did Mr. Knightly die?”) and prepare one charade from our family’s past, to act out. (Such as John trying to sell you something. You get the idea.) It should be lots of fun. I’m really excited to have our first official Ackerson family reunion.
      Monica, Lopeti Misinale said to tell you Hi. He’s a tech for the cardiologist I went to see.
      Paul is still busy and working hard in North Carolina. Last Saturday, he did 4 installs in one day.
      I’m going to start a chess club at the Harmon Home, you know, the senior citizens center at the corner of 4100 S. and 3600 West. I figure that’s more productive (community service!!) than just playing chess on the internet, and losing all the time. We’re going to start the first week in August. 1pm, on Wednesdays. (Just so it didn’t conflict with Bingo). It should be lots of fun.
      I’m looking forward to see you all soon. Love, Mom