Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dear Kids,
      Yesterday morning it was snowing in the mountains, but I think today it’s finally spring. I’ve been planting our garden here a little, and there a little, and I needed some more seeds for bush beans. Funny, our Walmart didn’t have any. Or the Walmart in Orem, where I took Grandma and Grandpa today. So I asked the garden guy, “Where are your seeds?” He said, “Oh, they’ve been recalled.” I said, “You mean they were bad??” and he said, “No, it’s seasonal. They’ve all been sent back.” So, planting season is over? Hey, this it Utah. Springtime in the Rockies. The pioneers planted corn on the 24th of July, when they first came into the valley. Lucky they didn’t have to get their seeds at Walmart.
      On Sunday, we met with our new ward for the first time. It was lots of fun. All those people in our neighborhood that used to be in 16th Ward . . . they all came trooping in, and there was lots of hugging and back-slapping. We were introducing each other in Relief Society, and I found a new-snowboarding friend! (Peggy Hall) She said she needs help with her heelside turns. I’m delighted. We had no Relief Society president, but two second counselors (Marie Searle is one!) and a secretary. There are lots of piano players! In young women, they had 14 new girls come in. (I think they were down to about 4, before). So overall, its’ going to be very good. I know they have at least one good organist (LaRene Carlson,) and they’ll need her, because I think my time is about up. Our chapel got a new organ, and it makes some electronic buzzing noise that drives me insane. Brian Parker said maybe it can be fixed. If not, somebody else will be playing it, not me.
      What’s this Triathalon frenzy that’s hitting our family? Nora is planning to do the “Jordanelle Triathalon” on August 23rd. Anybody heard of that one? They swim half a mile in the Jordanelle Reservior, ride bikes up the hill to Kamas and back, and then run around the Rock Creek State Park. Dad and I have seen the bicyclers in Kamas, in past years. They rope off the whole town. (Doesn’t take much rope.) I never knew it was part of a Triathalon.
      For Fathers Day, this coming Sunday, Dad and I will be mostly home, except for a couple of hours at Nora’s house for dinner. So if you want to call Dad or come by, you’ll know where to find us. With Fathers Day coming right after his birthday, it’s always a challenge, but I just bought him a new bike lock. I think there’s no end to biking gear. Richard calls it “the vortex.” It sucks you in. (But not me. I’m a bare bones cyclist. Probably bare skinned, if I hit the ground one of these days.)
      I love you all! What a family we have! Mom