Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dear Kids,
      They reorganized our 4-ward area into 3 wards, and the boundaries were exactly what we predicted. The old neighborhood (Ricketts, McGettigans, Kilburns, etc.) was sliced off and added to 8th Ward. The other side of our neighborhood, which used to be part of 16th ward, was added on to us. 16th Ward was dissolved, and everything on the other side of Bangerter is now 6th Ward. Chick Little is now bishop of 8th Ward, and Mike Higginson, who was bishop of 16th Ward, is now bishop of 6th Ward. Our bishop is Ken Wilde. 8th Ward goes to the Lighthouse church, so we won’t even see McGettigans in the hall any more. Dad and I will have to make lots of bike rides down to that neighborhood to visit our good old friends. Jana McGettgan called yesterday, and I didn’t recognize her voice right away, because the microwave was running. She said, “You forgot me already?”
      Last Saturday, Monica did the Deuces Wild Triathlon in Show Low, Arizona. It’s just a stone’s throw from Snowflake, where Grandpa Allen’s grandparents met and fell in love. In fact, lots of our ancestors lived in that area. You guys probably have lots of third and fourth cousins there. Well, anyway . . . . the Deuces Wild Triathlon advertises a swim in “beautiful Fool Hollow Lake, surrounded by fresh mountain air and Ponderosa pines.” In reality, the lake has so much algae, according to Monica, that you wouldn’t want to put your face in the water. She mostly swam the butterfly. Then there’s the bike ride: “Hop on your bike for a one-loop ride around the outskirts of Show Low.” There was so much mud, Monica says, that her tires were lugged down. Then, the website says, “Finish with a run through the pines.” Monica said she was grateful just to finish. Period. I guess there were lots of hard-core triathlon nuts there who loved the challenge. Monica loved when it was over. Go, Monica!
      I spent Tuesday and part of Wednesday at the cabin, working mostly on outside projects. Of course it rained. The place is so green, it looks like Ireland! Donna and I have about 150 pots of wildflowers to plant. So, besides being green, there could be a riot of color, too.
      I’m fixing Sunday dinner this coming Sunday, June 8th. We’ll eat at 4:30 pm, or thereabouts. Let me know if you’re coming!
      Lots of Love, Mom