Friday, June 20, 2008

Dear Kids,
      Dad and I are hanging out at the cabin, doing a little bit of work, mainly watching for magpies. There’s a ham hock as bait, out on the wellhead. Tom is broadcasting magpie squawks from his ipod, through speakers out the greenhouse window. The air rifle is pumped and ready to go. We’re just waiting for them to show up. I’m offering a bounty of $5.00 per magpie carcass, and I’m ready to pay. Anybody else want to come here and take a shot at them?
      It’s my second trip to the cabin this week. Wednesday I came with Grandma Allen and her sisters, and we all had a great time. On our way here, we stopped in Heber to have lunch at the Dairy Keen. Naturally I had a train burger. They all ordered shakes. Then we drove up here, and Nora and Heather were here with their kids, so I had fun going on a hike with them, while Grandma and the Aunties watched a movie. Later, the four of us grandmas went to dinner at the Gateway Grill in Kamas. Then, back here at the cabin, we sat in the greenhouse and watched birds through the binoculars. One elegant yellow fellow sat still for at least an hour, preening his feathers. We were delighted. But the next morning, when I went out to spray weeds, the same bird had three magpies after him. I think he got away, but those horrible magpies have to go. We’re ready to take them out. (Oh, there’s one out there now. He came to investigate the ham, and now he’s flying back out to the bushes on the hill.)
      Cathy was here for three days, for her friend’s wedding, but she’s flying out this evening (to another wedding.) It was fun talking to her and catching up on her life.
      Paul’s job is going really well. Last time I talked to him, he had done 15 installs for the week. But the end of June, they’re packing up their whole office and moving to Fayetteville (North Carolina.) Sort of like when the missionaries have worked over an area completely, and move on. Apex security does that, too. Go, Paul!
      I heard a rumor that John was selected as young optometrist of the year, but I googled ackerson and young and optometrist, and I didn’t find anything. Dad was the one who talked to him. I’ll have to find out more.
      I have a new church calling, as a result of our 4-ward shakeup. I’m 2nd counselor in the Relief Society, and Marie Searle is president. We’re going to have lots of fun! And I’m being released as ward organist, after four years. I’m not crying one bit. Our chapel got a new organ, and I hate it. I haven’t been able to make it sound good, no matter how many settings I’ve tried. So I’m glad to move on.
      Our family reunion is coming up next month, and I’ll write what I know next week. Lots of love, Mom