Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dear Kids,
      Because it’s Thursday night, Dad has gone off to his C.E.R.T. training. What’s that? I don’t know what the initials stand for, but it’s emergency preparedness for ordinary people. They issued Dad a green helmet which he loves to wear. At their last training session, they set fires behind the Stake Center, and then they put them out. (Sounds like something kids would do.) I assume they also learn CPR and other lifesaving measures. It must be lots of fun, because Dad is missing pack meeting tonight. Originally I signed up, too, but it’s from 7 to 10 pm, and I would be a zombie by then. So if we have a disaster, Dad will have to take care of me.
      Now that it’s spring (disregarding the snowstorm we’re supposed to have on Sunday and Monday) I’ve been riding my bike everywhere. Tomorrow will be my first really long ride. I’m riding over to the Jordan River parkway, and going as far south as I can, and maybe back as far north, too. I’m way ahead of Richard’s training schedule, which calls for 10-mile bike rides twice a week during April. Of course it goes up sharply from there, to 170 miles a week in August. (Does anybody want the schedule? I’m sure Richard will e-mail it to you.) At least I’m ahead of schedule now!
      Today I had fun visiting Grandma and Grandpa in Orem. I always take Grandma to Walmart, but Grandpa stays home to be there when “Meals-on-wheels” gets delivered. When we get home from Walmart, they eat their meals-on-wheels while I eat a sandwich from home. Sometimes we trade. Today Grandma gave me her meat patty to take home to our cats. (So far, they haven’t touched it.) After lunch, I help Grandma do book reports on Goodreads, and now I’ve got her hooked on the trivia quiz, besides. (100%, with 73 correct answers.) She wouldn’t have stopped, but Mark and Tamri showed up with their kids. (They came to Utah for her sister’s wedding.) We had a lot of fun visiting with them.
      Tuesday night was our ward’s Relief Society Birthday party, and I’m the enrichment counselor, so I had a lot to worry about. I worried that nobody would come, that the food wouldn’t be good, and that the program might not be good. I was wrong on everything, thank goodness. We had lots of ladies, and the program was great, and the food was good. But thank goodness, we only have enrichment every three months. I won’t have any more worries for a long time.
      Lots of love, Mom