Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dear Kids,
      Spring is on the way, but we’re still having fun snowboarding here. That’s because of a wonderful huge snowstorm that hit on Monday, while Donna and Bevan and Paul and I were whooping it up at Brighton. It was white-out conditions at the top of Snake Creek Lift, but who cared? There was a foot or so of powder (on top of ice, which makes it lots of fun), and we had a wonderful time. You can see pictures and a video on Donna’s blog.
      As exciting as the snowboarding was, the trip home was even more eventful. About 1:30 Donna said we needed to get out of there. It was still really dumping, and as we pulled out of the parking lot, a Mustang ahead of us started to spin. No, we didn’t hit it. Crazy guy, he kept going. When he spun out again, we got past him. We inched down the canyon at about 10 mph, because even with blizzak tires, it was very slippery. Then we passed The Spruces campground, and the place was swarming with sheriff’s vehicles. That’s because they’d found a smoldering car with a body inside. Everyone’s criticizing the skiers who didn’t report it, but they probably thought it was a joke. Wasn’t it a custom at CEU to push a burning car over a cliff after finals? Something like that. I haven’t heard anything more about the body. They’ve had trouble identifying it.
      Farther down the canyon, there was another sheriff’s car at the side of the road, and in the middle, on the stripe, a dead bobcat. How terribly sad. Bobcats aren’t ordinary roadkill. He was really pretty. I felt sorry for whoever hit him.
      Other news: Paul is home this week for spring break, and he’s been doing his taxes and working on his car. He and Dad put on a new serpentine belt and changed the oil, and tomorrow they’re going to replace a transmission gasket. Paul is getting to be a good mechanic. Just like everybody else who buys the car manual and reads it. Go, Paul. He’s off skiing today at Deer Valley.
      Sunday dinner for April will be on the 5th, Conference Sunday, at the cabin. We’ll eat around noon, just after the morning session. Let me know if you’ll be there! The following week is Easter. Should we have an Easter egg hunt at the cabin on Conference weekend, or the next weekend on Easter Saturday? Does anybody want to make a plan? It’s coming up quickly. I can’t believe we’re already halfway through March.
      Life is good. I love you all! Mom