Friday, March 6, 2009

Dear Kids,
      Paul isn’t going to northern Alberta after all–he’s going to Florida! Right after I posted my letter last week, Jeanne called me, and told me what a wild place Ft. McMurray is, not to mention the stupendous cost of living there. I called Paul to tell him what she said, and he had already gotten himself re-assigned to Florida. He was worried that there were too many installers going to Ft. McMurray, so they said he could go to Daytona Beach, Florida, with his friend John. He’s cool with that. Last year I would have thought Florida was too far away, but now I’m happy for him. It’s all relative.
      I was hoping to go snowboarding with my friend Bekah Davis this afternoon, but there’s a storm blowing in, and it’s supposed to arrive about the time we’d be driving up there (Snowbird). Hopefully we’ll get another chance. Last Friday Dad and I went snowboarding at Brighton, because there had been a storm, but it wasn’t enough snow. Plus, there were about 20 busses of schoolkids there–maybe about a thousand “ski program” kids. And it was pretty icy. It got so whenever you made a turn, you couldn’t pull out of it, and just kept sliding. So we went home early. Dad felt like he’d had his money’s worth. I guess it’s almost time to think about spring, and hiking at the cabin, and bike riding, but I’m hoping for at least one more good snow day.
      My first group piano lesson at the Harman Home was lots of fun. I only had four people, because there was a talent show going on, and some of the ones who had signed up were performing. In fact, we could hear them. The piano is up on the third floor, in the new wing, and there’s a great view of the mountains. All while I watched them re-building that place, I never dreamed I’d be teaching a piano class on the top floor. My students are very serious, and determined to learn. I gave them paper keyboards to practice on, until they were ready to play the real piano. It worked out really well! I do piano at 11 am, and then we have lunch, and then there’s chess club at 1:00. It’s a great schedule!
      Let me know if you’re going to be here for Sunday Dinner this week. It’s Donna’s birthday!
      Lots of love, Mom