Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dear Kids,
      Did I say I was done with snowboarding for the year? Well, there’s 32" of new snow at Brighton, and a cloud is still hanging over the mountain. Becca Davis and I are going up the canyon tomorrow morning to give it one more go. Never mind that I’ve packed away my snowboarding stuff for the year, never mind that I’ve been eight times already, the snow is calling me. Never mind, either, that it’s Friday tomorrow, and I’m always promising myself never to go to Brighton on a Friday. Maybe the usual hordes of people will be someplace else, since it’s spring now.
      Last Friday I did my first long bike ride, 25 miles. I rode over to the Jordan River Parkway (by way of Valley Fair Mall) and then as far south as it would go. It ends in Midvale, in an ugly industrial area. Then I rode back north again to 39th South, and home. I wasn’t even tired until later in the day! The weather was beautiful, cool and nippy, and my bike ran well. I was surprised to find so many other people on the parkway, though. I used the jingly bell on my handlebars dozens of times. I’m planning to do a long ride every Friday morning, earlier as the weather gets warmer, so if any of you want to join me, let me know.
      Last Sunday morning Dad and I drove to Logan for Paul’s “Ward Parents’ Day.” It’s always fun to visit a student ward and see how they do things! Paul was scheduled to speak in sacrament meeting, but the girl before him took up all the time. She was talking about her mission, and couldn’t be stopped. (Actually, nobody tried.) So Paul will get another chance on April 12th. I was disappointed, but otherwise we had a great visit. The linger longer food was great! I wish our ward would do that on a regular basis. People could make it through the block easier if they had a dinner to look forward to.
      Today is Benjamin’s birthday, but Nora and family are at Disneyland, so I’ll give him his present another day. Can you believe Nora, the jet hopper? This is her third airline trip in just a few months. I drove to the airport with them all yesterday, to bring their car back to our house. I was amazed at their compact packing. They made quite a gang on the sidewalk. The skycaps didn’t even look our way.
      My piano class at the Harman Home is going great. My four students are very diligent, but they get scared playing their songs for each other. I keep telling them it will get easier. They are all moving along really well. It’s harder for them to learn than it is for kids, but they have great concentration skills. The chess club is going well, too. There are usually just four of us. Yesterday there were only three, so I played my first simultaneous chess (two games at once), against both of the men who were there. We trade off doing that, when there's an odd number. It turns your brains inside out.
      April Conference is coming up! Let me know your Sunday plans. Love, Mom