Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dear Kids,
      We’re all delighted with the safe arrival of Abigail Bethany Ackerson yesterday morning at 4:08 am. Dad was probably the first person outside of the hospital to know about it, because he was up getting ready for work, and checked on facebook to see if anything had happened yet. Tom had barely uploaded the news when Dad saw it. Yay for the internet. Now, if anybody’s keeping track, there are 12 granddaughters but only 9 grandsons. And Sharon’s having a girl. They’re thinking of naming her Lucy, a very respectable name, but not one of the A-E names. Has anybody noticed that we’re getting a great collection of those? For a good tongue twister, try saying all six of them: Aubrey, Addie, Abby, Ali, Ellie, and Emma. Should we put pressure on Sharon and Seth to make it seven? I’m thinking Audrey? (To put in the list after Aubrey). But any name is fine. It’s a great blessing just to have a baby born safe and well.
      Sharon and Seth and their boys arrived from Michigan late Tuesday night, and who should they see in the airport, but Allen and his family, just home from Disneyland. Justin Allen walked by, too. What a place, that airport! All four Thackers spent the night here and then Dad drove them to the cabin Wednesday afternoon. From there they drove to Upalco, I think in Bevan’s Subaru. They’ll be back here sometime next week. It’s fun to see how their boys have grown. Sharon brought me a great belated birthday present–all of Faerie Tale Theater on DVD! We had fun looking over the discs and remembering our favorites. I always liked PeeWee Herman as Pinocchio. Sharon’s favorite was the Dancing Princesses and Three Little Pigs. I’m taking the discs to the cabin, so everybody can watch them there.
      It’s old news by now, but James is now second counselor in their ward bishopric. He worked really hard as young men’s president, but he’s glad for the change. No more flags on holiday mornings!
      Paul gave me a box of the mix for Nanaimo Bars. Now I’m waiting for a great occasion to make them. But maybe I won’t wait. Maybe I need them this very afternoon! Maybe right now.
      Gotta go! Lots of love, Mom