Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dear Kids,
      Sharon and Seth are packing up to go home, and I’ll be driving them (and their charming little guys) to the airport in another hour. It’s been a wild and fun week, since they came here from Upalco. (And they had a pretty wild and fun week out there, too.) There have been parties and gatherings of every kind, but now it’s all coming to an end. Thanks to everyone who put on the parties! Dad and I had fun just attending them. It’s great to be parents of a large and happy crowd of people.
      Conference weekend is coming up fast! We’re figuring that Tom will get us hooked up to a TV signal, and if not, we’ll listen on the radio. What, nobody wants to listen on the radio? It’s not bad. When I was little, we just listened, and I felt really stifled the first time we went to a neighbor’s house to watch it on TV. We just sat there! At any rate, I’ll be fixing Sunday dinner at the cabin on the 4th, and we’ll eat about 12:30. So let me know if you want to eat with us. Any suggestions on the menu?
      The next Saturday after that, October 10th, the three birthday boys will be baptized in Heber. More details will be coming. What an event! Missy says they were talking about doing it back when she and Kim and Heather were all pregnant. Who could have expected that eight years would go by so fast?
      Paul is struggling to get back into academic life again. He says he doesn’t study enough. I said, “What about all that money you paid for tuition?” He said even that doesn’t motivate him. I guess when you earn a lot during the summer, paying tuition isn’t such a bite. He’s in a good ward, though. They gave him a calling: Family History Indexer. I asked him about the girls in his ward, and he said there are three Relief Societies. If he doesn’t find a nice girlfriend with all that selection, I’ll have to come and take a look.
      Speaking of callings, I was released from Relief Society last week, and now I’m just floating free, in between two wards. It’s kind of fun. I’m making new friends in the Spanish ward, and hopefully keeping up with people in the 5th Ward. Thank goodness the Gospel is the same everywhere.
      Lots of love, Mom