Friday, June 3, 2011

Dear Kids,
       I guess it won’t ever be spring. But then, we had spring last year. Monday morning, Memorial Day, we had snow at the cabin. Last night Dad and I hiked Ensign Peak, and we wore coats. Yesterday I had the coldest ride ever along the Jordan River, probably because I got so wet riding through the flooded parts. (But the duck families loved it!) When I got home from my bike ride, it was 52 degrees. It would have been great in March, but this is June, for heck’s sake! Anyways, it’s keeping the mountain snow from melting, so the flooding isn’t so bad as it might be. That might happen later.
       On my bike rides, I’ve been checking out the new Trax lines that run to Valley Fair Mall, and also to West Jordan. Every now and then you see Trax trains running up and down them, even though they’re not open yet. Last week I rode around the Trax station in Chesterfield. But are they calling it the Chesterfield Station? Not on your life. It’s the River Trail Station, which is a fantastic name, considering how many times I ride past it on the bike trail.    
       After checking out the station, I took a detour through the neighborhood. Same old funky run-down houses, with lots of animals in the yards. The old Baptist Church that used to be LDS, where Tom was blessed, is still there. Same weird sights, like a guy riding his horse down the road, talking on his cell phone. There isn’t a more interesting place in the whole Salt Lake Valley.
       Normally I would be cooking Sunday dinner on the second Sunday of the month, but since Sharon’s coming for a few days, I think I’ll fix dinner on the 26th. I’m hoping Sharon and Lucy will be here that day. In July, there’s the Allen Family Reunion, probably on July 16, at the same park as always. Then, in August, we’ll be having the Ackerson family reunion the weekend of the 18th-20th. Or maybe the 19th-21st. We’ll all know for sure long before then. Tom and Kim are in charge.
      Lotsa fun stuff coming up! I love you all!