Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dear Granddaughters of Marilyn,
      Grandma has requested that any of her granddaughters that can and want to, sing some camp songs for her funeral.  You know how she loved the outdoors and camping and especially girl's camp.  Here are the songs we've chosen so you can be going over them for the funeral Monday.  If you are able to sing harmony, please practice those parts too!  The songs are in this order: White Choral Bells (to be sung in a two-part round),  I Love the Mountains (also a round), Tell Me Why, Beautiful Savior.  Mark will be accompanying on his guitar. 
       Love and kisses to you all,                                                                                                          Aunt Nancy
Later:  We've decided to make one change in the music.  Instead of singing I Love the Mountains, we've chosen All Things Bright and Beautiful.   Thank you, lovely ladies.  Love you all.    Nancy
P.S.  These songs can also be found on the church website.