Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dear Kids,
       If any of you have called me on our home phone or my cell, and I haven’t answered, it’s because I can’t talk. I’ve had laryngitis for the past three days. Last Sunday Sharon headed for home (with Lucy) and she reminded me that every time she leaves Utah, something bad happens to me (collar bone, gall bladder, worst root canal ever). This isn’t so bad. I was only sick in bed for two days, and then I was OK (but not able to talk) for piano class, book club, and chess club. We’re heading for Idaho Saturday morning, so I hope I can talk by then. We’re going to the Rexburg Temple with Harpers Saturday afternoon, staying over with them Saturday night, and then heading to Pocatello early Sunday morning so we can go to Church with Vanessa and Trent’s family. They’re having a barbecue for Trent’s birthday on Monday, and we want to be there. We especially want to see the improvements to their house! (and the "Heritage" front door, which Vanessa bought with her stimulus money.) Some of you have asked if we’re having the Fourth of July at the cabin this year, and sadly, we won’t be there. If any of you want to celebrate there, feel free to have the best party ever!
       Bonnie sent me an e-mail saying that they’ve decided to put off the Allen Family reunion until next year. A lot of people who traveled here for the funeral won’t be able to come back, and most of us were able to visit with each other. She will reserve the park for the same weekend (July 15, give or take) for 2012. She promised Grandma on her death bed that she would keep the reunions going, so we still plan to have them every other year, in the same park (Riverwoods.) Bonnie also says that she has extra copies of the funeral program, if anybody wants one. There’s an audio, CD, too, and I’ll be getting a copy. Let me know if you want one.
       Last night Dad and I drove around the valley checking out the new Trax stations, for the lines that open August 7. He wants to know what they look like before he drives his bus into them! We also walked along the Jordan River, which isn’t as high as last week, but is still flooded. I hope that by the time I get well enough to ride my bike again, the trails won’t have more than a foot or so of water, so I can get through.
       I’ll be cooking Sunday Dinner at the cabin on July 10. Be there or be square!
       Lots of love, Mom