Friday, June 24, 2011

Dear Kids,

        Wasn’t that a great funeral for Grandma? I really felt her presence there, and that she was very happy. Monica, we really missed you. There were a few other cousins who couldn’t make it, but mostly, everybody was there.

        Kate Allen is keeping up the blog she started before Grandma died, only now it’s about Grandpa, of course–how he’s doing, what to do when you visit him, etc. The link is Heather Colby uploaded all her pictures from the funeral to Cosco, and there’s a link on Kate’s blog to that. (It’s She set it up so anybody can order prints, and that any of you kids can upload your pictures from the funeral to the same album. This morning I went into the album and looked at all the pictures, but just now, it won’t let me in. The room code is "allenfam" but it doesn’t seem to be working now. If any of you have figured it out, please let me know.

        We’re enjoying having Sharon and Lucy here for a few days. This morning she and Nora are out and about, and tonight she’s going to Midway, but mostly it’s been very relaxed. Lucy is a wild child, but so cute!

        This morning I rode my bike over to the Jordan River to see how flooded it is. I was able to get onto the trail, but there wasn’t anybody else, biking or walking. I didn’t try to go through the underpass where I fell in last week, (the water was obviously too deep, and too swift) but I rode through other places where the water was maybe a foot deep. For the first time ever, I saw fish swimming around my bike! I rode from the UTA pond down to 35th South, and the park there is so flooded that my homeless friends have had to choose a new table, farther from the river. They said there were news cameras there last night! There were ducks swimming in the grassy areas. The water might be even higher tomorrow, but Dad and I will be at the cabin, and I won’t be able to check it out. We’ll be able to check out the high water on the Provo River, though. I’m looking for it to wash over the bridge, but not wash it out.

       A few letters ago I said I would be cooking Sunday dinner on the 26th but all that has changed now. Our next Sunday dinner will probably be July 10th , probably at the cabin. Oh, yeah, Dad and I have found the true church, at least for us. We’re going to become members of the Francis Second ward. They have a great organ, and we’re there practically every weekend anyway. I’m looking forward to new adventures!

Lots of love, Mom