Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dear Kids,
          It’s Sunday morning again, and I’m sitting in the greenhouse typing my letter, again. What could be more normal, right? Wrong. We were supposed to be home in West Valley this morning, because the Thacker reunion is going on at the cabin right now. I thought it might be a good idea to spend two weeks at home (minus the three days at Bear Lake) and see how well I could breathe, now that my lungs seem to be doing better. That way, the people having family reunions here could have the cabin to themselves. Good idea, right? No, baaaad idea! The air in Salt Lake was murky, and by the third day, the pressure was building up in my lungs. Good thing I have a nebulizer there, because I needed it. Finally Dad and I packed up and came back here to the cabin. The Thackers were very gracious, and let us barge in on their fun. It was all so well organized! (Sharon was in charge, and she delegated, she said.) They’d had morning hikes, a program, olympics, a treasure hunt, and swimming at the Kamas pool, and while we were here in the afternoon they did a craft, a fish pond, and Yerf Dog rides. I just sat and enjoyed breathing the clean air. It was a good experiment, trying to spend two weeks at home. It just didn’t work. If I had any doubts that we need to sell our house, I have my answer now. We’ll keep it until Dad retires next May, and then it goes on the market!
          We left Xena and Oreo back at the house, because we took off in such a hurry. Besides, they don’t travel well. Xena yowls the whole time, while Oreo hisses at her. And Xena can’t even travel an hour without pooping in her carrier. When we bring them back to the cabin, it will be their last ride. They’ll be here for good! By the way, we had to buy a second cat carrier, so I thought I’d try a collapsible mesh one from Walmart. It was designed by an idiot! Of course the cat will claw and rip at the mesh, and the whole thing will collapse on her. Add some smelly cat poop, and you have a real mess. Nuff said.
          Last night I Sharon sat down with me and planned out every day of the rest of their visit. (They’re driving our car, so we needed to coordinate.) It’s funny that the cabin is her base of operations, instead of the house in West Valley, but she likes it way better here! They’re escaping from the notorious D.C. heat, so why should they suffer in the Salt Lake heat? It’s actually cold here, in the early morning. She couldn’t even remember the last time she was cold.
          Dad and I are looking forward to the drive to Bear Lake this afternoon. We’ll bring plenty of firewood! There will be plenty of fun, and plenty of food. See you all there! (Except for poor Paul, of course.)
          Lots of love, Mom