Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dear Kids,
          The family reunion at Bear Lake was a blast, wasn’t it? Thanks so much, Al and Missy! Everything fit into place so well! The food was good and the activities were fun. I know it isn’t easy to plan such a big event for so many people, so thanks again! We’re already looking forward to next year. Vanessa was talking to Monica about the Sawtooth Mountains and the Windrivers, so maybe we’ll be camping again!
          Our cabin has also been filled with activity! The Thackers were here last week, and Dave Michelson’s family was here from here from Wednesday night until Saturday noon. I can tell you, the Michelsons really know how to have fun! Day or night, they’re up for it! Friday night at 9:30, in a pouring rainstorm, they all left for Kamas for the "Under the Moon" 5k. (Dad and I were sedately crawling into bed.) They even took some of the kids! Randy was 2nd in his age group, and a nephew was 4th in his. At 12:30 they were home again, and they built a fire in the fire pit and partied most of the night. They also had a lot of fun on the Yerf Dog, until Dad, who was home in West Valley, got a call from Vaughn Stanley, who said the Yerf Dog was speeding, spinning, and doing donuts. I have no idea how the Yerf Dog could do a donut, but I passed on the complaint when that particular group got back. They didn’t even drive it again, even though they had bought four gallons of gas for it when they went into town.
          The Bentleys’ family reunion starts this afternoon at the cabin, and I’m sure they’ll also have lots of fun. The cabin is up for it!
          Dad brought Xena back to the cabin Friday night. I figured it was easier for him to bring one cat than two, and she could ride in the rigid, non-collapsible carrier. Dad survived the trip OK. Meanwhile, I’d been working on installing a pet door for the greenhouse. Until now, I’ve just propped the window open, but then the rain blew in. So now I have this deluxe pet door installed, but it’s a little smaller than the one at home. Xena can get through OK, at least from the inside to the ouside, because there’s a ledge inside, but from the outside to the inside it’s a 18" jump up from the ground. So Dad got a step stool and put it under the window for her. I would rather have had her jump, to trim down that fat body of hers, but Dad didn’t want her to suffer the least little bit.
          It’s been a week and a half since my birthday, but I still want to thank all of you for the great presents and chocolate and gift cards you gave me. Now that I live at the cabin, I don’t have my stock of thank you cards on hand, but I want you all to know I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.
          Life is good! Love, Mom