Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dear Kids,
          I’m picking cat fur off my laptop as I write. I keep the laptop on the table in the greenhouse, and Oreo has taken to sleeping on it, or next to it, and he always leaves me a memento of his presence. These aren’t random hairs, either–they’re whole chunks that he pulls out of his back and drops in various places. How lucky I am.
          Emma will be baptized this coming Saturday, September 1, at 10:00 am, in Tom and Kim’s church, the same building where Eli was blessed. If you’re coming into town from the north, and you turn left at Smiths (500 North), it’s the second church. There will be a get-together afterwards at Tom and Kim’s house, and you’re supposed to call Kim if you want to bring something.
          I found a small blue t-shirt in the greenhouse, nicely folded, size 3T, with Thomas the Train on the front. If any of you know who it belongs to, I’ll gladly return it to its rightful owner.
          Sharon and I had fun taking her kids to the Brigham City Temple open house last Tuesday. There were shuttle busses taking us from the old K Mart parking lot to the temple, and that bus ride was the most exciting thing for the kids. Plus the cookie and bottle of water we got at the end of the tour. But they were impressed by the temple, too. As Lucy and I were walking around the baptismal font, she kept calling out, "Look, more cows!" She stopped to admire the deer on the mural in the instruction room. The temple itself is very unique, with peach blossoms in the carpet, the wallpaper, and the upholstery. The outside walls are concrete, but they shine in the sun. (I wonder if somebody broke up their china to put in the cement?) It was a great day, and I’m glad we went.
          My cabin projects are moving forward again, after a long break for the family reunions. Our cabinets are supposed to come this Thursday! Could it really happen? Outside, I’m working on my rock wall and I finished planting lots of grass in various bare patches. What is it about wet ground and new grass that attracts animals? I don’t mean worms–I mean dogs and deer and cows. They positively tromp through it. Yesterday I found fresh moose tracks in the soft mud. They made holes about 6" deep. I hope the grass is hardy enough to fill in all the holes.
          Fall is coming! Life is good! Love, Mom