Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dear Kids,
          The most exciting event of my week was going to the Kamas pool with Sharon and all her kids and Anna, too. I mostly tended Anna, but sometimes I also watched Conrad while Sharon chased after Lucy. At one point, Lucy was wading in the 1' deep area, when she suddenly took off and ran toward the lap pool. Sharon screamed at her and started running to get her, holding Conrad, while the life guard sat there watching. (You’d think those teenagers could be useful once in a while!)    Lucy put one foot into the lap pool, but then, she suddenly turned and ran alongside the pool. The other life guard blew her whistle at her, which made Lucy run faster. Finally she slipped and fell, and Sharon caught up with her. Lucy wasn’t hurt, thank goodness. Sharon decided at that point that we’d had enough fun, and we packed up everybody and left.
          The family reunions are over with, and the cabin held up very well. Nobody seemed to mind that we don’t have a kitchen, and everybody seemed to have fun. I learned a lot, watching the different family groups. I wish I could have bottled up some of the excitement and saved it for the long boring days that are coming up here at the cabin, with fall and winter coming on.
          But the excitement isn’t quite over yet. Sharon and her kids are coming back here tomorrow, for one more day, and Mandy’s coming too, with her 2 1/2 boys. Then, Tuesday morning, Sharon and I are taking her kids to the Brigham City Temple open house. I had no idea you needed to get tickets, and I’m glad Sharon was on the ball. I’ve heard since of people who couldn’t get them. I’ve heard that the new temple is one-of-a-kind, and I’m excited to see it.
          I caught a cold from Dad, and naturally it has settled in my lungs. Luckily I’m all prepared with my nebulizer (like a smoking machine) and plenty of albuterol. Dad said he was having lung trouble, too, so I let him smoke a joint. I think he just wanted to experience it for himself. Anyway, I don’t expect the kind of trouble I had last time my lungs were infected. Just to help things out, there was a huge fire yesterday off Highway 40, so intense that they closed the highway between Heber and the Park City turnoff. Both Donna and Allen called to warn me about it, but of course we had plenty of smoke at the cabin, and we could see where it was coming from. Allen said, "Where’re you going to run to now?" I thought of driving to the high Uintahs, but the smoke thinned out later, and I think the fire is out now.
          Life is so much fun! I love you all! Mom