Sunday, May 10, 2015

Dear Kids,
          Happy Mothers Day to all my beautiful daughters and daughters-in-law! I appreciate the great work you’re doing in having children and raising them. Nothing in this life will bring you more happiness!
          We’ve enjoyed having rain and snow over the last few days. I don’t enjoy the dark dreary skies, but I’m glad to know we won’t have a terrible drought this summer.
          If you haven’t seen John’s new Porsche, you’ll hear it coming. I guess the engine has to rumble so you’ll know how powerful it is. John and Dad went joyriding up the Mirror Lake highway, so Dad could see and feel it for himself. I had sent them to Food Town for a bag of cat food, which barely fit in the trunk. (You don’t buy a Porsche for its trunk size.) John says the car was a bargain, and the fulfillment of a 9-year dream. I asked him if he now has everything he wants, and he said "yes."
          Can I stand to write about our latest home improvement disaster? I ordered windows for our stairwell, and I chose a particular pattern of obscure glass. It’s called "glue chip." We had a call that the windows had come in, and so we drove to Salt Lake to pick them up. The nice lady asked us to pay the balance, and I told her we needed to see the windows first. Of course they had put in the wrong glass! They said that was what the manufacturer was calling "glue chip." It was a pattern of little vines. After we argued for a while, we asked for our money back. Now I have to find another glass place and try again.
          Dad and I have been listening to "Gone With the Wind" in the car. I had forgotten how good that book is! It’s 41 discs long, so it will last us for a few more trips to Salt Lake. Evidently the southern lingo is stirring up old language patterns for Dad. He was bringing in a broken bag of laundry soap, and he said, "I daresn’t put it down in here!" Of course he heard all that growing up! I forget about his Virginia roots.
          Life is good! Love, Mom