Sunday, May 24, 2015

Dear Kids,
          It’s unbelievable, the rain we’ve had here! And all over Utah too, I guess. Every day the clouds build up, nice and dark, and then it usually pours. People aren’t talking about the drought any more, but they aren’t complaining about the rain, either. Real Utahns are always glad for rain. 
            Our landscaping is still moving ahead. I haven’t been able to put in sprinklers and spread topsoil, like I wanted to, but in any weather, you can always move rocks. I’m making a new pile along Hilltop Road, and I’ve put out my sign that says "Free Rocks." They always get taken. Dad is still excavating the cottonwood roots, and he’s pulled out some gigantic chunks. Oreo is still supervising. He walks by on his elegant white paws, noting how dirty we are.
           Our home improvements inside are still at a dead standstill. Wards Carpet is supposed to have ordered our new carpet, and it was supposed to come in more than a week ago, but we haven’t heard from them. I ordered some new obscure windows from Home Depot, but I don’t have any confidence in the guy who did the ordering. He waited several days to call back and ask for our Home Depot credit card number. He said nothing could happen without that. And he wasn’t sure he could get us what we wanted. At least we have our gigantic yard to keep us busy. And the people who walk by always comment on our work.
          It’s my turn to teach Relief Society today. I keep trying different ways to make my lessons understandable to both sides of the room–the Spanish-only and the English-only sisters. Luckily I do the 4th Sunday Conference talk lessons, so the ladies always have a lot to say. If I can only understand them. When I prepare my lessons, I use Google Translate a lot. Tom put it on my tablet, and it has really helped me.
          I hope you’re all having a great Memorial Day weekend. We’re looking forward to seeing lots of you at the barbecue at the cabin tomorrow.
          Love, Mom