Sunday, September 13, 2015

Dear Kids,
          On Monday, John invited us to come "soaring" with him at the Heber airport. There was a bigger glider there than he normally flies, and it was more stable. (Less nausea, especially if you take dramamine first.) Tom came along, with his video cameras. He hadn’t ever been up before. I got to go up first, then Dad, then Tom. (I think Tom’s video is on You Tube now.) It was a great day, and lots of fun. Thanks, John!
          Richard Tregaskis had called me the day before to see if he could get the digital version of the Allen/Murphy family histories, to put them up on Family Search. I said the best thing was for him to come to our house and copy them off my hard drive. He and Dedra and their girls arrived just after we got home. We had fun talking to them while the girls played. They had already come by once, before we got home, and the girls said they had been out on our playground. (Kids always run for the playground!) That reminded me that I really want to get it finished, and now that our grass is planted, we’re up for it! Besides the big swings and airplane-teeter-totter we already have, and the sand digger, which I haven’t put out yet, we need kiddie swings. There’s a nice set that Lifetime makes, with swings, a play tower, and a slide, so we ordered it from Sams Club. We spent yesterday putting railroad ties around the edge of the playground, and now we’ll need a couple of dumptruck loads of sand. Then we’ll be prepared for any and all kids that come! 
            Dad and I hadn’t been on the Jordanelle perimeter trail all summer, but now that we have more freedom, we drove down there on Tuesday and went hiking. I’d forgotten how beautiful it is. If anybody wants a nice hike, for home evening or Saturday morning or anything else, our season pass can get us all in for free! Let us know!
          Fall is in the air!  The leaves are turning red and orange. Life is good!
          Love, Mom