Sunday, September 20, 2015

Dear Kids,
           Next Sunday morning, Joshua Paul Ackerson will be blessed in Paul and Stefanie’s ward in Ogden, and the address is 770 15th Street. The meeting starts at 9 am, and right afterward, there’s going to be a brunch--I think at a nearby park. Paul and Stefanie are sending out announcements, which will have more details. If you want to help with the food, give them a call. I always get excited about baby blessings and baptisms, and the fun of seeing so many of you.
          Stuart turned 8 a couple of weeks ago, and he’ll be baptized on October 10. I’m sure Nora will be giving us the details when it gets closer.
             And general conference is coming up in two weeks! We’ll have our usual get-together at the cabin, but I have a different plan for the food. Besides Sunday dinner, we’ll have soup at our house on Saturday night, before the Priesthood session, and ice cream afterwards. I’ll have more details next week.
          Dad and I always have some exciting new project, and right now we’re assembling the Lifetime adventure tower on our playground. It arrived Tuesday afternoon, in a crate that was 8 feet long. It weighed 810 pounds. The delivery man dumped it out onto our driveway, and right about then, that big storm hit. We had hail and then pounding rain, almost a hurricane. (It swept across my tender new grass and tore up a lot of it.) So the crate sat there in the storm, and later, when we unpacked things, I found the directions in a pool of water. We laid out all the pages (about 100 of them) on the dining room table to dry them out. Then Dad started assembling. I think he’s at about page 31. Some kids came by on bikes and stopped to watch. I told them they could come back in a few days and play on it when it’s finished. It might as well be a public playground. We’re right here on the corner, and everybody has seen what we’re doing. When the playground is finished, we’ll have the big swings, the airplane teeter-totter, the sand digger, and the adventure tower, with its slide and kiddie swings. We’ll be ready for anything.
           Life is good. Love to all, Mom