Sunday, March 8, 2020

Dear Kids,
         Dad and John went back to California to buy the glider they looked at several weeks ago, but they aren’t home yet.   You can’t travel as fast towing a glider as you could otherwise, so they spent last night at the Comfort Inn in St. George.  I expect Dad home around noon today. 
         Last night, I set ahead 22 of the 23 clocks in our house, but I couldn’t figure out the one on the microwave.  Dad can take care it this afternoon.  There’s also one in the garage which is still on daylight-saving time from last summer, and the two that I hang in the windows when I’m working in the yard.  Maybe we have too many clocks.  I’m now in favor of year-round daylight savings time.
         Monday afternoon we drove to Layton to see the wondrous Chloe Ruth Ackerson.  She really is a darling!  Her hair is sort of reddish, but her eyebrows look very white.  Thank goodness for microblading!  She seemed like a featherweight when I picked her up.  It was strange, and very nice, to hold a baby granddaughter again!
         Jana McGettigan was here keeping me company from Friday morning to yesterday afternoon, and we had a lot of fun.  We talked and watched movies and ate our own special foods.  (She brought her own.)  Sonia spent a lot of time trying to get Jana’s attention, and ignoring me.  Scout curled up next to Jana on the couch and looked very happy.  We were sorry when Jana had to go home, but she promised to come back soon.
         Conference is coming up fast--just a month away.  It’s supposed to be a special commemoration of the first vision, since it’s been 200 years now.  Evidently the Saturday night session is for both men and women, but I’m not sure about kids.  (Somebody can refresh my memory.)  We’ll have our usual Saturday night supper of soup and bread here, like always, and ice cream afterwards.  It’ll be fun, like always.
         Lots of love, Mom