Sunday, March 15, 2020

Dear Kids,
         What a strange and crazy time! Dad and I were shopping at the Redwood Road Walmart on Thursday, and everybody else had their carts filled with toilet paper.  I wonder if anybody has calculated how long it takes to use up that much?  A couple of years?  All I bought was the food we’re out of. 
         It’s interesting and fun to have people so concerned about the elderly.  Like Dad and me.  We've had calls from wonderful people in our ward offering to get us anything we need. With my compromised immune system, I’m probably especially susceptible to any virus.  So we’re both happy to quarantine ourselves here at home.
         Since all the Church meetings are cancelled, we’ll be having the sacrament here at our house this afternoon, around 1:30 or 2:00.  At first it was just Nora’s stake that were told they were authorized to do their own sacrament at home, but then we received an email from our Francis 2nd bishopric saying the same thing.  So we hope some of you will join us. So far it will be Nora’s family, Donna’s family, and us.  Since I’ve been doing chemo, I’ve had the sacrament brought here several times.  It has a special impact, and you really realize that the Savior did all that just for you!
         I just finished round #4 of what they call a “block” of chemo, which is four treatments over eight weeks.  I’m having a CT scan next Friday, and if it shows my tumors have slowed or stopped, (and my doctor thinks it will), then I get eight weeks off!  My doctor explained that chemo only affects fast-growing cells, so it makes sense to taper it off when the cells are dormant.  I’m all in favor of that!   I’ve heard that some people do this on-again, off-again chemo for years, and it helps them live a lot longer.  I could handle that!
         Now I know I’m an old-timer here, because I’ve joined the DUP!  They meet once a month in somebody’s house and share pioneer stories.  All my best friends in the ward are in it, including my ministering sisters and the sisters I minister to.  Some of us are even under 100 years old.  I ride in a carpool with all the oldest ladies and invalids, and we have a younger driver.  It’s lots of fun.
         I hope you’re all doin’ great and lovin’ it in this crazy time!
         Lots of love, Mom