Sunday, March 29, 2020

Dear Kids,
        Is everybody still enjoying the craziness of the corona virus scare?  Yes, yes, I know we’re hopefully keeping the virus from spreading by our “social distancing,” and I’m very sorry about those who are sick, and for the few who have died (I know it’s more in other places) but people seem to have forgotten that this is the flu season, and that in a normal year, about 20,000 Americans die of the flu.  So far, it’s been about 1,000 from the corona virus, but I’m afraid nobody is seeing it in perspective.  Well, it will pass.  Probably sooner than we think.  I’m really grateful for the churchwide fast today, and I’m sure the fasting and prayers will help speed it on its way.  People keep warning me that I’m especially vulnerable, being older, with probably a compromised immune system, but when you already have a fatal disease, you take everything in stride. 
        On Thursday I went to the Walmart pharmacy to get the second shingles shot. After I filled out the paperwork, the pharmacist on duty said he wouldn’t give me the shot because he didn’t feel “comfortable” doing it.  I definitely wouldn’t have felt comfortable getting the shingles again, besides which, he was a health care provider denying me healthcare.  But I could see I would be wasting my breath telling him off, so I just muttered a few things and walked away.  When Dad came to the window to ask about me, the pharmacist told him to back off six feet.  We both muttered to each other about what a dork he was.  Then, the next morning, I got a call from Alexis, the main pharmacist there, and she apologized for his behavior.  She said if I wanted to come back, she would gladly give me the shot.  So I went back and got it, and they were all very nice to me.  But see what I mean about the craziness?  Common sense doesn’t always prevail.
        We’ll be having the sacrament at our house this afternoon at 3:00 again.  Anybody who wants to is welcome to join us.  Since we’re a family group, we’re exempt from the 10-person rule.  And children seem to be practically immune, so I’m sure all your kids will be OK. 
        By the way, the shingles vaccine tends to give you flu-like symptoms, which I have plenty of right now: the aching, the tiredness, the stuffiness, and the general misery.  So I might spend much of this afternoon upstairs in the recliner, but at least I can’t pass it on to any of you.  Life is still good!
        Lots of love, Mom