Sunday, March 22, 2020

Dear Kids,
        You can guess how thrilled I am at the CT scan I had Friday morning.  I thought I would have to wait until Tuesday to find out the results, since that would have been  my next appointment with Dr. Lewis, but he called me Friday afternoon to tell me the good news, so I wouldn’t have to worry over the weekend.  He said, too, that they’re consulting as much as they can over the phone, to avoid office visits.  That’s fine with me!  He said he’d call back on Tuesday with more information, but from what he’d seen already, my tumors have shrunk dramatically.  The chemo is working “gangbusters,” in his words.  I know this is all a great blessing from Heavenly Father, and I’m grateful to all of you who have been praying for me!  Thanks for encouraging your children to pray for me, too.
        Today is our second Sunday with no official church meetings, and I’m starting to miss them.  We’ll be having the sacrament at our house this afternoon, probably around 2:30 or 3:00, and you’re all invited to come and worship with us.  Our meeting last Sunday was absolutely beautiful!  Thanks to Nora’s family for planning it.  Since I wasn’t feeling well, I went back upstairs right after the sacrament, while the rest of you went to “classes.”  Little did I know that the “nursery” would follow me, but Blake and Tommy joined me in my bedroom.   Since Scout and Sonia were lounging on the bed, we had a lesson about kitties. Blake asked me why kitties have hair all over, while he only has hair on the top of his head.  I didn’t have a good answer to that one.  I showed them that Scout even has hair growing out of his ears.  Blake said that he had hair in his ears when he was a kitty.  I asked him when that was, and he said “Yesterday.” (Which Tom says is his answer to everything about the past.)  Anyway, I really enjoyed teaching “nursery” for just one Sunday.
        Dad and I went back to the cabin yesterday, hoping to finish putting the bunkbeds back together.  This time we ran out of nuts, but we’re only short by three.  We can find them Tuesday when we drive down to Salt Lake.  I’m happy to say our project is moving ahead, however, and now that I’ll be feeling good for two months, we’ll finish all the main stuff.  Not that we’re stopping anybody from enjoying the cabin!  Donna’s family showed up just as we were packing up, with all their supplies and food for a couple of nights.  The magic of the cabin carries on!
        I love you all.  Thanks again for your prayers.  Mom