Sunday, May 3, 2020

Dear Kids,
        Is gas cheap or what?  I thought it was cheap enough in Pocatello at $1.89, until we filled up in Salt Lake at Walmart for $1.85, and then we drove by the Rainbow Sinclair where, with the discount, it was $1.81.  What a great time to go joyriding!  Friday afternoon Dad was off at the cabin in his truck, so I took the Sienna for a drive up towards Wolf Creek Pass.  I knew the road would be closed off about 13 miles up, so I went that far and then turned around and came back home.  Too bad we already went to Pocatello, or maybe I would have taken off for Idaho, and who knows when I would have come back?
        Yep, we’re plenty buggy with the virus quarantine, but thank goodness things are starting to open up.  I’ll be glad when I can go back to the library and the D.I.  I’m even looking forward to going back to church, although I really enjoy doing the sacrament with our family each week.  I’ll enjoy going back to the temple, but it might take lots longer.  Yesterday afternoon we were visiting at Paul and Stefanie’s, where we went to admire baby Chloe. Stefanie’s parents were there, too.  (Practically everybody had masks on.)  I asked Paul about a possible baby blessing for Chloe, and they’re still not sure.  Back in the 80's, people were being encouraged to have their baby blessings at home, and I mentioned that to Paul. But he said they’d just wait and see.
        Here’s another sign of the times: we got a text invitation to a wedding reception for Jeff Fulton, but we would have had to drive through.  We were told we could visit a minute with the bride and groom, and that refreshments would be handed to us, but I couldn’t summon up the enthusiasm for us to go.  When Adam Fulton got married, we really enjoyed visiting with all our old friends from 5th ward who showed up, but at a drive thru, we wouldn’t have been able to see anybody!  We’re really happy Jeff is married, though, and I’ll send them a card and some $$$. 
        I was able to work in our yard practically every morning last week, and I’ll be planting  new grass in another week or two.  Right now everything looks terrible, with dead grass and drab-looking bushes and trees, but there will be a very dramatic transformation when the new grass comes up, and the trees get their leaves.  I’m just grateful to have enough energy right now to even be outside.  I’m enjoying it while I can.
        I hope you’re all enjoying life, too!  Lots of love, Mom