Sunday, August 16, 2020

Dear Kids,

        It seems like summer’s completely over, because the reunion was already two weeks ago, and Sharon’s family has gone home.  It’ll be record hot weather this week, but summer is good and gone. Now  our only excitement is projects at the cabin, spreading lava rock here (out on the corner) and waiting up for our cats, when they don’t come in.  Sonia’s pretty good about showing up when it gets dark, but Scout has been very uncooperative.  Sometimes it’s early morning before he shows up, and I worry about predators getting him, besides his chances of being hit by a car. 

        Before Sharon left, she told us about gearing up for her nursing courses.  The classes will be online, but hopefully she’ll have a real-time lab to go to, with real lab work to do.  She has to buy her own stethoscope, which costs $80 and up on Amazon.  She has to wear scrubs that are pewter-colored (gray) and white Dansko clogs.  She needs to get a new computer that has specific components, and she needs to drop it off to the nursing people to have their special software put on it.  It all sounds exciting to me, and I envy her starting such a great project.  Go, Sharon!

        My brother Ben has been made patriarch of his stake in Albuquerque.  We’re sure he’ll do a wonderful job, but I feel way old, having my younger brother called as a patriarch.  You know, they’re always ancient, with white hair, and a long white beard.  Well, maybe not always–Ned Winder, driving his Porsche, didn’t fit that pattern, but still, it’s weird (and also a great honor) to think about your little brother giving patriarchal blessings.  

        My new gumball machine is lots of fun.  Last week I put in skittles, but now I’ve switched to Runts.  I’m planning to try several different candies, and see what works out, and I hope you and your kids will all enjoy them.  Last Sunday night I was sort of a hag, trying to get everybody to go home, when I was the one who needed to go to bed.  So if you’re here on Sunday night, don’t pay any attention to my crabbiness.   You’re always welcome to stay and have fun, even if I go off to bed. 

        Life is good.  I hope you’re all doin’ great and lovin’ it.  Mom