Sunday, August 23, 2020

 Dear Kids,

        Yep, it’s that time of year again.  The days are getting shorter.  The cats are coming in with cockleburrs in their tails.  The school bus has been stopping in our neighborhood again.  Summer’s over.

        Adelaide left for Snow College yesterday, but I haven’t heard how her moving in went.  She’s in an apartment with two girls she already knows, and a couple of others she doesn’t know yet.  She doesn’t have a major yet, which is fine since she’s just getting her feet wet in the college world.  James, who’s had many years of getting his feet wet, has signed up for two classes this semester.  With luck he’ll be finished with his masters degree in the spring.

        All of Sharon’s family will all be starting school the same day–August 31.  Everybody’s classes will be online.  Sharon has been busy getting each of them their own desks with their own computers or tablets, so everyone has a “school” place.  She wants it to be more organized than last year.  Her own classes start the same day and the same time as her kids’s–9 am.  Luckily she has Seth at home to help supervise the kids while she does her own course work. Go, Thackers! 

        Jacob will be starting school a week from tomorrow, on August 28th.  He’ll be going to UVU, commuting from home.  He doesn’t have a major yet, either.  He’d be on a mission if it weren’t for the Covid scare, and his uncertain lungs.  Good thing he’s making the best of it, though.  His girlfriend Sophie left for Snow College yesterday.  

        Carson might be starting classes at Weber State–Allen isn’t sure.  Carson bounces back and forth between Allen’s place and Missy’s, and he’s pretty independent. I know we have multitudes of grandchildren who have either started school, or will be starting again in the next few days.  Too bad I don’t have room to list them all.  Dad and I pay a lot of property taxes, both on our house and on the cabin, but most of the money goes for public education, and we have a lot of grandchildren being educated. 

        Dad and I spend a lot of time at the cabin now, trying to do projects before winter sets in. The Yerf Dog is a never-ending frustration for Dad, and I’m still working on the rock wall around the moose.  I cemented in a family of yellow jackets who thought those crevices between the rocks would be a good place for their nest.  Three or four came staggering out when I started putting down the mortar, but the rest have been “in-mortarized.”  At home, we’ve been spreading lava rock on the corner.  Dad told me the lava rock would float, and I didn’t believe him, but it does.  You can try it with a piece when you come by. 

        Lots of love to all, Mom