Sunday, August 2, 2020

Dear Kids,
        What a fabulous reunion we’ve had!  Thanks, Tom and Kim, for your thorough planning.  Our day at Deer Creek was lots of fun, and floating the Provo River, too–even though Dad and I didn’t participate (we were tending Tommy) it sounds like everybody had fun.  (Except for the extremely cold water.) Anyway, everything turned out so well, and everybody was safe!  Each time we finish a reunion I feel like it’s the best one we’ve ever had, so that means they’re getting better and better.  Next year it will probably be Bear Lake again, with Allen in charge.  Hopefully he’ll get Rendezvous Beach for us.  I love that place!
        We enjoyed meeting Julie’s boyfriend, Spencer Sheffield.  He’s from Layton, served his mission in Washing Vancouver, and is youngest of five kids.  He’s a student at UVU, majoring in something like video editing.  He seems like a wonderful guy, and we wish them all the best in their relationship.  We also enjoying getting to know Del’s boyfriend, Jared.  He seems really nice, too.
        I had a fabulous birthday yesterday.  I always like having my birthday during the reunion, and this was the best of all.  Thank you for the gift cards, and for the Weed n’ Feed (Donna) and just for being there.  When I look over the huge gang of people that make up our family now, I know the Lord has blessed me far beyond what I deserve.  All of you are my best present ever.
        I’ve  scheduled my hip replacement surgery, but it’s not until the end of November.  They’re scheduling way far out because they were totally shut down for six weeks, during the first part of covid.  Now people like me are having their “non-essential” surgery.  I’m slightly worried about my lungs, because I’m not supposed to have any more chemo until after the surgery, and although my tumors are growing slowly, they’ll be a lot bigger than they were when I had chemo before, by the time I recover.  So I’ve got to call and have a really good talk with Dr. Lewis and make sure that’s going to be OK.  If so, I’m really excited to get rid of my pain and be able to hike and do normal things again. 
        My life is so good, and I love you all!  Mom