Sunday, January 16, 2022

 Dear Kids,

Addie is flying out on Tuesday, the day after tomorrow.  Hooray!  She got her visa, so she won’t be going to Los Angeles first.  That would have been great for her, but we’re all glad she’s going directly to England (by way of Amsterdam).  Go, Addie!

And if you read Bentley’s last letter, you know he and his comp both have (or had) covid.  That’s the second time for Bentley.  Tom and Ali were tested last Tuesday, but last I heard, they hadn’t gotten any results yet.  What’s the point of testing if it takes a week to get your answer?  Poor Paige has tested positive twice in the last week or so, and has missed a lot of school.  Dad and I were there at Nora’s last Wednesday getting Dad’s hair cut.  I wandered upstairs to look at books, and noticed Paige in her bed.  I talked to her for a little bit before she mentioned she had covid, so technically I’ve been exposed.  Big Deal.  Allen probably had covid last week, and when I talked to him he was in Walgreens buying rapid test kits for his police department.  So it’s everywhere.  Donna’s right–we’re all going to have it.  Maybe more than once.  Life moves on.

Tomorrow is a Martin Luther King Day sledding party at the cabin.  Or is it Human Rights Day?  Whatever it is, Donna has the details about the sledding.  I won’t feel good enough to join in, since it’s less than a week since my last infusion.  But I’m hoping to feel good for the next two or three months, and I hope I don’t have any infusions before then.  My breathing is really good right now, so the chemo has done its work.

I’ve reserved the Francis “community building” for June 2nd, which is our (Dad and mine) 50th wedding anniversary.  We’re going to have a big party, and I’m going to order catered barbeque from Bam Bam’s.  It will be a nice long evening, since it doesn’t get dark until nearly ten o’clock.  The community building is right along the road where you turn in for the park and the rodeo grounds.  So kids can play in the park.  Oh, yeah, we have the pavilion, too.  So there’s no chance we can get pre-empted by a last-minute city council meeting.  Anyway, put it on your calendars.  If you’re reading this, you’re invited.

Sorry for the disjointed letter.  My brain is mushy from the chemo.  But I love you all!