Sunday, January 23, 2022

 Dear Kids,

It sounds like the ski party yesterday was a total blast.  Nora said there were 17 people there, and the weather was perfect.  Vanessa’s family stayed with us Friday night and last night, and they’re going to church with us this morning.  (Their own ward is shut down because their stake president is super cautious about covid.) 

And our missionaries were on the move this week.  Jacob went into the Provo MTC on Wednesday, and he’s doing super well.  He’s some kind of tech chief of his group.  (Dad was explaining it, but I wasn’t listening very well.)  And Addie is in England!  There were lots of missionaries going to both her mission and Leeds, and they were all on the same flight together.  She didn’t have to have a covid test when she landed because there weren’t any available. Her first town is Warrington, about half way between Manchester and Liverpool.  That’s all I know, but Nora’s family will be talking to her tomorrow.  Go, Addie and Jacob!  You all know how Bentley and Sterling are doing because they’re both so good about writing their letters.  Tom’s family is hatching a plan to go pick up Bentley in July (Good heavens, his mission will be over already!) and there will be a Bentley reunion in Austin.  So many people on the move! 

John’s family has too many cats!  There are the original four (Adeline, Zelda, Blue, and Sparky) and two other strays are coming around for the free food.  Once you start feeding cats, they make themselves at home, and John’s family is going through bags and bags of cat food.  When they were here Monday night we were giving John our suggestions, but he pulled out his phone and ordered a cat trap!  Sounds ominous to me!  I think those strays better move on to someone else’s house!

Somebody left an exercise gizmo at the cabin and I’m not sure what to do with it.  It looks like a large pair of bicycle handlebars, and the words “Go-Fit” are written on it.  Does anybody want to claim it?  It was hiding behind the lamp, but I put it in the garage.

Writing this letter has left me exhausted.  So many people doing so much!  I’m glad to be sitting home typing, and not using up any of my non-existent energy.

Lots of love, Mom