Sunday, January 9, 2022

 Dear Kids,

Jacob’s farewell is this morning at John’s church, 1365 East Center, at 9 am.  Aubrey will be speaking too.  There will be a brunch right afterwards at John’s house, and we’re also invited to crash the hot tub, if we do it reverently.  And according to John, nobody needs to bring any food, so it will be super simple.  I call that super generous.

Because of the change of venue last Sunday, John didn’t get to set off his fireworks.  So he brought them Monday night, and his family came, too:  Heather, Jacob, Sophie, Aaron, and Aubrey.  Those of us who don’t like the cold watched from the inside, upstairs.  It was nice to not worry that a fire marshal would show up.  There’s no worrying about fires with a foot of snow on the ground!

Two weeks from today will be Super Sunday, again already, at Nora’s house.  I’ll have more details next week, but we know it will be wild, fun, and crazy.

I don’t know what to do about Sonia.  She’s been pooping on the scrap of carpet in our front hall entry.  Bad kitty!  But why?  She’s never done anything like that before!  I’ve tossed her out all three times she’s done it, but she just flips her tail at me.  Scout is already an outside fellow because of his misbehavior, and I don’t really want them both to be outside cats.  I need a cat sleeping on my legs at night, to keep me warm.   Advice, anybody?  I’m getting tired of cleaning up that piece of carpet.

I’m having my fourth and last chemo infusion tomorrow, and then I’ll hopefully be chemo free for two or three months.  My breathing is really good now, so it’s done its work.  I don’t really like hauling around my pump for two days, and the chemo makes me really tired, (heck, it’s a poison!) but it’s obviously shrinking my tumors.  So I won’t complain.

Life is good.  I love your all and pray for all of you all the time.  Mom