Sunday, February 6, 2022

 Dear Kids,

Jacob is in Alabama!  And he has evidently hit the ground running, because as soon as he was off the plane, they sent him out tracting for three hours.  Go, Jacob!  We know he’ll have a wonderful mission.  I haven’t heard any updates on Addie, but I assume she and her super companion are working hard.  So is Sterling, along with eating lizard, and so is Bentley, along with skinning deer.  What a group of missionaries!

Our next Super Sunday should be on February 27 at Tom’s house.  I haven’t talked to him or Kim about it yet, but I think we can all plan on it.  Oh, yeah, and the dates for our summer family reunion are July 28-31, according to Monica.  I look forward to all our family events, and they’re always super, thanks to everybody’s careful planning.

Aubrey tested positive for Covid, and had to spend some time alone in her room.  Dad and I have had really bad colds with really snotty noses, so for all I know, we may have had covid, too.  Neither of us wanted to get tested, so we’ll never know.  We’ll all have it, sooner or later, and thank goodness it isn’t a big deal any more.

It’s still wretchedly cold.  We’re down in the single digits every night, and we’re lucky if it gets up to 30 during the day.  The same dirty snow is still on the ground, and we’re tired of waiting for more.  Might as well wait for spring.  Winter has turned into a total bust.

Since I’ve finished my four rounds of chemo, I had to have a CT scan and then see my doctor.  I usually don’t mind the scans, because the techs are so nice, but I got a lady who had nothing but a dull scowl on her face, and she didn’t even talk to me.  So when I was lying on the table, I said, “I guess I’m just a piece of meat, aren’t I?”  She looked surprised and said, “No, not really.”  Then she actually smiled.  I hope I livened her up for her other patients.  In that business, you just can’t be grumpy.

My visit with my doctor was very nice.  I know some of my tumors shrank, because I’m breathing better, but the main one we’ve been watching didn’t shrink at all–it just changed its shape.  When I have chemo again, the first part of April, they’ll add Avastin, a blood flow reducer.  It’s supposed to shrink the little blood vessels going to my tumors so the chemo can hit them harder.  Meanwhile, I’m enjoying being chemo-free.

Life is good.  I love you all!  Mom