Sunday, February 27, 2022

 Dear Kids,

It’s Super Sunday today, 3 pm, at Tom’s house.  I heard him mention smoked pork, so be there or be square.  I’m excited.

My breathing has suddenly gone south.  It’s really weird.  Last Sunday morning I felt fine, and I was pumped up about everything I was going to do, but by evening I was gasping for breath.  I waited a couple of days and then called my oncologist, Dr. Lewis.  He agreed that I ought to start chemo again, so I’m going in tomorrow morning.  At our last visit he was all excited about Avastin, and how they’re using it now, together with chemo, for metastatic colorectal cancer.  So now he’s going to try it out on me.  It slows your blood flow, so it’s supposed to cut off some of the blood supply to my lung tumors, and make them DIE.  I have a feeling it’s going to work really well, plus, I’m excited to get breathing better.  So keep me in your prayers.

We finally had a decent snowstorm here, five or six inches, but it’s still plenty cold.  It’s below zero practically every morning.  But who cares–there’s new snow on the ground!  Our kitties don’t like it much, but Scout is really fat now, and his fur is thick, and he has his own heated condo to hang out in.  Sonia is in the house most of the time. 

Dad and I drove to Layton yesterday to celebrate Chloe’s birthday (early), and we took the route through the mountains on I-84.  I was thinking Rockport and Echo would be practically empty by now, because the Jordanelle is so low, but they’re still pretty full.  I’m sure their ice is plenty thick by now, because there were lots of ice fishermen out at both reservoirs.  They have their little shelters to keep them warm, but some of them were out walking around.  One guy was relaxing in a lawn chair, soaking up the sun, tending his line.  That’s one sport I can’t figure out–ice fishing.

Our four missionaries seem to be doing great, from their letters.  I’m enjoying them all.  If there’s somebody’s letters you aren’t getting, contact that person’s parents.  It’s really a blessing to have four missionaries out, and there will be lots more coming along.  Our family rocks.

Lots of love, Mom