Sunday, February 20, 2022

 Dear Kids,

There’s still very little going on here.  The snowstorm we were supposed to have was just a few flurries, with nothing sticking on the ground.  But we have another chance this week, with three days predicted for possible snow.  My obsession with the weather shows how little is happening here.  If I had any real news I wouldn’t worry so much about the drought.

Dad’s toe has healed up very nicely.  He went back to Dr. Dickerson, who said everything looked fine.  He said if there’s anything else Dad wants removed, to come back.  Toes, toenails–he’ll take anything off.  BTW, I haven’t had any more trouble with my feet since he amputated my two pinkies, and it’s been nice to have a medical situation turn out so well.

Actually, I’ve been feeling surprisingly good.  On Monday afternoon Dad and I walked all the way around the block, and I did OK.  It was my first real walk in months.  I’ve even been laying tile–in the  little room under our basement stairs.  I started it years ago and then went on to something else.  But I found the extra tiles and the mortar and the grout, and I’ve been working on it for two days now.  It feels really good, doing house projects again.  I won’t be on chemo again until April 4, unless my breathing gets really bad, and then it will be earlier.

Dad had to get new tires for the Yerf Dog, since the old ones were splitting apart.  He ordered them from Amazon and they came in two days.  Naturally he had to put them on right away and drive around in the slush.  Can you believe he’s had the Yerf Dog for 17 years now?  If he didn’t baby it, it would have gone to the dump years ago.

Our next Super Sunday is a week from today, 3 pm, at Tom’s house.  Bring whatever you like.  I’m still wondering what the odds are that we’ll all bring desserts some time, but so far it has always balanced out.

I hope you’re all doin’ great and lovin’ it!  Mom