Sunday, February 13, 2022

 Dear Kids,

There’s a 60 percent chance of snow on Tuesday, and that’s absolutely the biggest news around here.  One to three inches expected.  I’m excited the high pressure over us is finally breaking up, although it’s been nice having sunny days for a month and a half.  But we really need winter.  We’re hoping not to have another drought this year, and we don’t want the poor farmers complaining when they only have one cutting of hay.

Our missionaries are all doing fine.  If you want to get on Addie’s e-mail list, contact Nora.  She writes her letter every Monday while she’s talking to her family on the phone.  Nora says so far her letters are mostly about missionary work, but after a while she’ll probably let down and spill her guts.  You’ve gotta do that, on a mission.  As for Jacob, Sterling, and Bentley, if you get their letters, you know everything.

Super Sunday will be two weeks from today, on February 27, at Tom’s house.  I can’t believe how well these Super Sundays are working out!  It’s so much fun to go to each of your houses (or parks, or the cabin, or wherever) and talk to all of you.  This family rocks!

Dad has finally had a medical “condition,” so it isn’t all me.  I’m glad it’s him now.    A couple of weeks ago he stumbled against our dining room table and stubbed his big toe really badly.  It was all black underneath the nail, and it hurt him like crazy.  After a few days of pain he went to see Dr. Dickerson, the crazy guy who has been taking off my toes.  This podiatrist doesn’t just sit there and talk about your feet–he gets in there and does things.  He took off Dad’s toenail, permanently.  (Dad said it had fungus, anyway). He treated it with chemicals so the nail hopefully won’t grow back.  Dad’s other big toe had that treatment years ago, and hasn’t given him any trouble since.  If you have fungus, you can try all kinds of treatments, but the only thing that really works is having the nail taken off.  

Tomorrow is Valentines Day, and 50 years since Dad became my permanent valentine.  Where did all that time go?  I hope you all have a wonderful day with the ones you love.

Much love to all, Mom