Sunday, April 2, 2023

 Dear Kids,

I hope you’re all enjoying conference weekend.  Dad and I missed the morning session yesterday because we had to drive to R.C. Willey to buy a new dryer, but we enjoyed the afternoon and evening talks.  We’re looking forward to today, to more of the same.  

Next week is Easter, and Nora will be hosting the picnic and Easter egg hunt starting at 3 pm at their house.  Contact Nora for a food assignment.  She and her family are in California right now.  Dad likes to look up the locations of you kids with I-phones, and he discovered that Vanessa is in Katmandu.  7,000 miles away.  Now that’s a vacation!

Two weeks from today will be book club, and we’re reading The Indian in the Cupboard. I finished it a couple of days ago, and it’s really fun.  It’s the thirteenth book we’ve read since we started.  I’m really impressed that we’re still at it!  Go, Ackersons, especially the grandchildren!

Dad and Donna had fun filling sand bags this week.  The sand and the bags are free, supplied by the county, so you just have to fill them yourself and haul them away.  The bags are at the cabin now, (31 of them–they’ll need 40 more) and as soon as the snow gets down far enough, they’ll put them around the south and east sides to curb the surface runoff.  The cabin is built on a drainage, so there will be lots of water anyway, but hopefully this will help.

Bonnie, Jane, and Andy came to visit us last Tuesday.  They were surprised we still have so much snow.  We had fun talking, and they liked my pumpkin cookies.  Both our kitties disappeared during their visit, probably scared off by Andy’s voice, which is low and loud. And both cats showed up right after they left.  Scout missed getting petted by Jane, because of his cowardice, but they’re cats!  They do what they want to.

Love to all of you, Mom