Sunday, August 6, 2023


Dear Kids,

Bentley’s wedding is this coming Thursday, and I’m sure you all have the information on your invitations.  If you’re going to the actual wedding, you need to be at the Provo City Center temple at 1:30.  The reception is at the Red Barn in Oakley, from 6 to 8.  The address is 4300 Highway 32, but it isn’t really on the highway–it’s off on a side road.  Google maps can get you there.  I’ve heard a rumor that there will be real food available for family at the reception, besides the refreshments you would expect.

And a week from today is the big shindig in Pocatello.  The farewell/homecoming starts at 9 am at the church on 1701 Bartz Drive.  Your smartphones can get you there, too.  It’s the building closest to the interstate.  Afterwards there’ll be the usual fabulous food at Vanessa’s house.  

Other events: Book club on August 20 at our house.  We’re reading Bunnicula.  Super Sunday will be the next week, the 27th, at John’s house.  We’ll start at 4 pm.  Teenagers and kids who want to sit in the hot tub need to bring their swim suits.

Aaron submitted the paperwork for his mission a couple of weeks ago, and he’s expecting his call this Tuesday.  I don’t think he’ll be doing the usual online “opening of the mission call” thing, but we’ll all find out pretty quickly where he’s going. 

With all my Amazon birthday credit, I ordered a battery-powered pruner like the one John has.  I knew it would be too heavy for me to use, but my plan is for Dad to do the work while I tell him what to cut. We tried that out yesterday morning, and it worked nicely.  We pruned around the bottoms of some of our fir trees, and Dad loved using it.  So thanks, all of you who gave me Amazon cards.

I’m still thinking over the family reunion, and how much fun it was.  I’m always nervous before it starts, and I’m in a high state of excitement while it’s going on.  Then there’s the letdown when it’s over, and life gets back to normal.  Thank goodness we have all these other events coming up.  There’s no stopping the fun.

Love, Mom