Sunday, August 13, 2023


Dear Kids,

Congratulations to Aaron!  He’s been called to the Iowa City, Iowa mission, and he’ll start on October 3.  I’m sure he’ll be a wonderful missionary, and we’re very happy for him.

Dad and I are headed to Pocatello this morning, and we look forward to seeing a lot of you there.  If you need last-minute directions, the address of the church is 1701 Bartz Drive.  There are two chapels next to the interstate, and we’re meeting in the one farthest east.  You can follow google maps, which takes you off the interstate and winds you north through town, or you can take our usual exit and backtrack.  I’m sure it will be a wonderful meeting.  It’s Sarah’s farewell, and Sterling’s homecoming.

Next week, the 20th, is book club at our house, at 5 pm.  We’re reading Bunnicula, which is crazy and fun.  I’m looking forward to what everybody has to say about it.  Super Sunday will be the following week, the 27th, at John’s house.  Kids and teenagers are welcome to bring their swimsuits and sit in the hot tub.  If any adults want to join them, they won’t be turned away.  

Dad and I did two great hikes this past week.  On Tuesday we did the walk around Mirror Lake with our ministering couple, Susan and Dan Joos.  Dan has a heart condition and can only walk where it’s flat, so it was perfect.  The weather was awesome, and hardly any people were there.  After our hike we had a picnic that Susan fixed.  You know, ministering people are always asking what they can do for you, so I was the one who suggested the hike.  I definitely needed that.

Then, on Friday morning, we hiked the Nobletts trail on the Wolf Creek highway (Hwy 35) with Al. He had camped overnight after the wedding reception, and met us there.  It was way more taxing than I expected, since I’d heard it was a nice family hike.  It was only 2 miles round trip, and mostly shady, but there were some steep places.  We did see a couple of families hiking, and the little kids were doing better than we were.

Speaking of the wedding, wasn’t that a wonderful event?  The temple was beautiful, and the reception was great fun.  I loved having it at the Red Barn, which is only 10 minutes from our house.  And of course it was great seeing most of you there.  Where we used to always be having baby blessings, now it’s going to be weddings and missionary events.  What a family!

Love, Mom