Sunday, August 20, 2023

 Dear Kids,

What a great week we’ve had!  There have been at least three good rainstorms, and it hasn’t been so hot.  I don’t mind summer winding down, and all our Heber Valley grandkids are back in school.  Life is good.

Book club is this afternoon at 5:00 at our house.  We’re discussing Bunnicula.  It’s a great story!  The Dracula rabbit, Bunnicula, sucks all the color from foods and leaves them white, so I have to think of some white refreshments.

And Super Sunday is a week from today, on the 27th, at John’s house.  I’m pretty sure we’ll be meeting at 4:00.  It’s always fun to see what food everybody will bring.  I’m still waiting for the Sunday when it will be all desserts!

Then, Saturday, September 2, will be Josh’s baptism.  It will be at 11 am, and the address of the stake center is 1715 W. 1600 North in Layton.  Even though it’s Labor Day weekend, I hope most of you will be free to come.   The invitations are really cute!  Bonus points if you can name the temple in the picture.

Yesterday we had a great time at the cabin with our friends, the Garcias.  They took turns driving the yerf dog, which Dad got working for us.  Even Chandra drove it.  You remember the Garcias–they came and raked gravel with us in June.  We all bought lunch at Food Town, my favorite deli.  Everybody gets what they want, and I don’t have to prepare a thing.  Can’t beat that!

It’s been seven weeks since I had chemo, and I have one more week of freedom before I go back.  It’s been a wonderful time for me.  We had the family reunion, Bentley’s wedding, and the trip to Pocatello, besides at least three hikes, and we finished the tile in the pantry of the cabin.  When I’m back on chemo, I’ll just think of all the good times we had.  And with such a wonderful family as ours, there will always be good times.

Lots of love, Mom