Sunday, December 10, 2023

Dear Kids,

It’s the Messiah tonight!  We’re meeting at Tom’s house at 5:30 for a Super Sunday type dinner–bring whatever you have.  My ministering sisters dropped off some stuff here yesterday, so that will be my contribution.  The Messiah itself starts at 7.  I’ve been practicing the choruses, but of course it’s not like actually being in the choir.  I feel smug thinking about all the rehearsals I’ve missed, though.  I’ll enjoy singing along, hopefully with Nora on one side of me and Donna on the other.  I need help to hear the alto parts.

Next Sunday night is book club, and we’re reading The Family Under the Bridge.  It’s short, so if you haven’t started it yet, there’s still time.  I’ve read it through twice now, and I enjoyed it even more the second time than the first.  Book club meets at 5 pm, like always, and if it lasts more than 15 minutes, that would be unusual.  You parents are fostering a great love of reading in your kids by participating.  I’m glad for the little bit of reading I did with you kids.  Remember The King With Six Friends?  We sure didn’t have all the choices that are available now.

A week from Saturday is the cousins’ gift exchange at Nora’s house.  Ice skating will be from 2 to 4 pm at the Bountiful Ribbon, and dinner will be at 5.  If you don’t have a food assignment, call Nora.  It will be wild and crazy, like always.

Dad and I will be home on Christmas Eve, two weeks from tonight, so feel free to come over, if you want to.  We’ll have hot chocolate and pumpkin cookies, plus whatever other goodies happen to get dropped off here in the meantime.  Of course we’ll watch Christmas Eve on Sesame Street.  It wouldn’t be Christmas Eve without watching the little girl who looks like Sharon skating with Big Bird.  Oh, wait, Sharon doesn’t look like that any more.  No matter.  It’s all about the nostalgia.

John’s eye surgeries are this Tuesday and Thursday, so we’ll all want to remember him in our prayers.  Allen’s and Spencer’s surgeries are just a little more than six weeks away.  It’s not too soon to start remembering them.

The day after Christmas will be our sledding party at the cabin.  Donna’s going to make chili, and we can eat up all your leftovers.  I’m sure there will be plenty of snow.  There’s already enough for a good slick trip down the hill.

Our contractor never did finish his work on the bunkhouse and garage, but I’m pretty sure it’s because he ran out of half-logs.  He’s certain to want the rest of his money for Christmas, so I hope that he’ll finish by then.  He left a whole pile of ladders in the garage, so I’m sure we’ll see him again.  

I hope you’re all having fun gearing up for Christmas.  Lots of love, Mom