Sunday, December 3, 2023

 Dear Kids,

There are so many fun things coming up!  Of course!  It’s December!  A week from today is the Messiah, and we’re meeting at Tom’s house for a before party at 5:30.  It’ll be sort of like Super Sunday, so bring whatever food you want.  The Messiah itself starts at 7.

A week later, the 17th, is family book club.  We’re reading The Family Under the Bridge, which is a great story.  We’ll meet at 5 pm.

The cousins’ gift exchange will be Saturday, the 23rd, at Nora’s house.   Ice skating will be from 2-4 pm at the Bountiful Ribbon, and then we’ll eat at 5.  You can call Nora for a food assignment.  

The next day, Sunday, Christmas Eve, Dad and I will be home, and for anybody who wants to come by in the evening, we’ll be having hot chocolate and pumpkin cookies.  Of course we’ll be watching Christmas Eve on Sesame Street, and any other Christmas movies that people want to see.  On Christmas day Dad and I will probably drive around Heber Valley and look in on those of you who live there.  You can show us your Christmas presents.  

I really haven’t thought far enough ahead, but I assume we’ll have our after-Christmas sledding party on Tuesday, the 26th.  We should have enough snow by then for some good sledding.

There, is that enough activities?  If you can’t join us for everything, we understand.  Maybe it’s possible to celebrate too much, but I’ve never felt that way.  

John is going to have eye surgery on December 12 and 14, one day for each eye.  He’s going to have lens implants.  It’ll be free for him, because the eye surgeon is a friend of his, and he operates on his fellow eye doctors for free.  Allen’s (and Spencer’s) liver surgeries will be January 24.

Sonia hates this cold, snowy weather we’re having.  When it’s time for her to go out, she hides under our bed, right in the middle where we can’t reach her.  I have to get a broom and run it under the bed, pushing her out, and then Dad grabs her.  She acts like she hates us, except that she still sleeps on my legs at night, and on Dad’s lap when we’re in front of the TV.  That would be a cat for you.

The work on our cabin and bunkhouse has slowed way down because of the weather, but it’s really close to being finished.  The bunkhouse is looking super.  The contractor tore off all my decroded edgings and put on his own, and they look way better.  With the half-logs on it, the bunkhouse matches the cabin way better now.

Life is good.  I love you all.  Mom