Sunday, December 17, 2023

 Dear Kids,

Book club is tonight at 5:00, and we’ll be talking about The Family Under the Bridge.  Donna will be in charge of the discussion.  It’s a great story, and not terribly long, and I’m sure we’ll all have fun talking about it.

Next Saturday afternoon is the cousins’ party.  The ice skating will be at the Bountiful Ribbon from 2 to 4 pm, and dinner is at 5.  If you don’t have a food assignment, call Nora.  The next day, Christmas Eve, Dad and I will be home in the evening, if anybody wants to come by.  I fondly remember all the Christmas Eves where we hiked up a hill somewhere, but I’m just not up for that any more.  Besides, I don’t like being cold.  So we’ll be at home drinking hot chocolate and eating pumpkin cookies and watching Christmas movies.  Couldn’t be better.

On Christmas Day, Dad and I will probably drive around Heber valley and visit you three families there.  We have to see all the toys and wrapping paper and boxes, and feel all the excitement.  The next day will be our sledding party at the cabin.  I was pretty confident that there would be plenty of snow, but our storms have evaporated.  It doesn’t matter, though–there will be enough people and food to make a good party.  Donna’s making chili, and if the rest of you bring your leftovers, there will be plenty.

If you run into Jacob, you can ask him about his little chiquita.  Her name is Enys and she’s from Mexico and very cute.  Rumor has it that they’re getting serious.  We’ll have to see what happens.

John’s eye surgeries went really well.  He says that he’s seeing better now than he ever has, since he was 15 and was fitted with his first pair of glasses.  He can see in all directions, not just straight ahead like with glasses.  He still needs reading glasses, but overall he’s really excited about his vision.  My sister Bonnie was having the same surgery on Thursday, but just one one eye.  Her other eye will be this week.  John fitted her out with some interim glasses. 

Our work at the cabin is finished!  It went really fast at the end.  When you come to the sledding party you can see how cute the bunkhouse looks.  I think our contractor wanted to get paid off before Christmas.  He’s lucky we’re not going to make him wait like we had to wait for him.  

We hope you’re all ready for Christmas and feeling the hype!  Love, Mom