Sunday, May 17, 2020

Dear Kids,
        Andy posted a note last night that their grandson Lennox had just passed away.  What a sad time this has to be for Gary and Carly.  I’m sure they would all appreciate your prayers.
        Is anybody besides me eager to go back to church? Our Sundays are way too slow now!  At least the morning drags on forever.  Last week I put on a video about the Handcart companies, and that held our interest for a while.  Sunday afternoons are great, when people show up and we have the sacrament, but I’m not going to mind when church starts up again.  And when the temple opens up to ordinary patrons like Dad and me, that will be wonderful too. 
        As far as the virus goes, most of Utah has been changed from orange to yellow alert, except for Summit and Wasatch counties.  (And West Valley City, and downtown Salt Lake.)  I haven’t noticed that we’re a hotbed of infection, however.  I don’t know a single person who’s tested positive for the virus, let alone gotten sick.  So I’m brave enough to suggest that we might have a Memorial Day barbecue at the cabin a week from tomorrow, May 25.  It can be a birthday party for Dad and Dallin, too.  If you remember, it was Memorial Day of 2001 that we moved into the cabin, and we had a barbecue that day, too.  That was 19 years ago!  Where did the time go?  Anyway, let’s plan on a party on the 25th, and Tom has already agreed to make his famous dutch oven potatoes.
        Other events are coming up, but you’ll get notices.  Paul’s been talking of a baby blessing for Chloe, probably at his house, probably for adults only, but you’ll hear more about that.  Kim was talking about Eli’s baptism, but their plans are uncertain.  Conrad is probably going to be baptized in a swimming pool!  Too bad we can’t all be there for that.  But Maryland is still really locked down, even if we all could be magically transported there.  Well, the important thing is that these ordinances are done, not how or where. 
        Matthew showed up last Monday, surprising Nora’s family, especially Paige.  Nora had picked him up at the airport, but she told her family she was “running errands.”  He spent a day at Nora’s, and then on Tuesday they all came here.  Dad and I had agreed to drive him to the top of Daniels Summit to meet the Thackers, and Matthew will be spending most of his time at their farm.  At Daniels Summit, we waited at the lodge, where we walked around and looked in windows.  Everything’s still closed up.  Matthew found a snowbank and made snowballs and threw them. 
        Life is good!  I love you all!  Mom