Sunday, May 24, 2020

Dear Kids,
        So many fun events are on the docket!  Today is Sarah’s birthday, and there will be a party with cake and ice cream here at our house at 6 pm tonight.  Be there or be square!  Tomorrow there’s a Memorial Day barbecue and birthday party for Dad and Dallin at the cabin.  I think we’ll be eating in the early afternoon, but for an exact time, you’ll need to call Nora.  Eli’s baptism is coming up, but I don’t know any of the details yet. I’m sure Tom and Kim will get the information out to you.  If the baptism is done in a church, then the number of attendees is severely limited, so I told them they should use somebody’s hot tub or a  swimming pool.  The Provo River isn’t even a possibility, since the water is too high and too fast and too cold.
        Baby Chloe’s blessing is two weeks from today, June 7, at 4 pm, in Paul and Stefanie’s back yard.  I’m sure you saw the text notice.  It’s only for grownups, and if you plan to be in the blessing circle or hold the baby, you’ll need to wear a mask.  There’s a potluck dinner afterward.
        I’m sure you’ve all heard the good news about my latest CT scan.  I’m on cloud nine.  My tumors haven’t even grown back to the size they were when I started chemo, so the cancer is growing very, very slowly.  As I wrote in my text, Dr. Lewis says he thinks I can live for several more years if he can keep it out of my liver, and so far my liver looks really good.  There are two different tracks my cancer cells might have followed from my colon to my lungs: one track goes past my liver, and the other one doesn’t.  So my cancer probably took the better track.  Anyway, please pray for my liver, OK?
        I’ve been working diligently in the yard, and I hope to plant lawn in the front within a week or so.  I only let myself shovel dirt for an hour every morning, so I don’t stress my hip too badly.  Since I’m at least two months away from more chemo, I can have the hip worked on to stabilize it, and I have an appointment to see my orthopedic doctor in a week and a half.  Meanwhile, I’m trying to get as much done as possible, but I’m like the lady who knitted faster so she could finish her project before she ran out of yarn.
        Love to all, Mom