Sunday, May 10, 2020

Dear Kids,
        If I thought gas was cheap last week, I was flabbergasted when we filled up at Sams Club on Tuesday. $1.46.9!  I couldn’t believe the receipt, but it was true.  Well, we’d all better enjoy driving all we can now, because it’s bound to go up again as people get out and about.
        I hope all you daughters and daughters-in-law of mine are having a great Mothers Day.  I’m so proud of the way you’re raising your families.  I know that all the hard work and time you put in will pay off wonderfully down the road.  There isn’t anything more satisfying that raising a family.  I’m so glad the Lord blessed Dad and me with so many children.
        Our yard is coming along!  It’s been hard, because my hip hurts where I have the stress fracture.  I try to limit myself to two hours each morning, and I try to favor the bad hip.  But things are working out!  Dad turned on our watering system Friday morning, and I can finally put in sprinkler heads on the line I didn’t get finished last fall.  And I have to fill in some uneven places with topsoil, and do some more edging, and then I can plant.  I’m just going to spread the seed over our old dead grass that I killed off last fall.  For our front yard, this will be the third time.  Our bishop, whose yard is always perfectly manicured, has been horrified both times I’ve killed our grass.  (He notices everything, because he’s a realtor for high-end homes.)  I hope we’ll have a gorgeous yard from now on.
        Now that daylight comes so early, our cats think they have to go out at 5:30 am.  Scout yowls and head-butts me, and if I ignore him, he tries the same thing on Dad.  So we just let them out, even though it’s still prime time for predators.  Luckily the cats usually head for the pasture, where it’s just horses, not coyotes or foxes.  Once in a while Scout crosses Hilltop and goes down the hill, and I worry until he comes back.  We can’t forget how Oreo disappeared without a trace.
        Donna and Bevan spent Friday night at the cabin, and we found them working busily when we went over there Saturday.  Donna was getting all the emitters working on the watering system, and Bevan was cleaning the shelves in the pantry.  We really appreciate any help we get!   Dad installed blinds in all the rooms that needed them, and I’m still unpacking boxes, mostly filled with wall decor.  It’s hard to remember where everything used to go.
        I hope you’re all doin’ great and lovin’ it!  Mom