Sunday, April 16, 2023

Dear Kids,
Bentley is engaged!  His fiance’s  name is Cambree McBride and he met her in his mission.  (He said she was a really good missionary.)  The wedding is scheduled for August 10, 2pm, in the Provo City Center temple.  I assume there’s room for everybody, since I haven’t heard different, but I’ll add more details when it gets closer.  Anyway, we’re really happy for Bentley and Cambree.
Book club is this afternoon at 5pm at our house, and we’re talking about “The Indian in the Cupboard.”  It should be fun.  Our book for May will be “Socks” by Beverly Cleary, which is my all-time favorite cat story.  By the way, Beverly Clearly just recently died.  She was almost 105.
Super Sunday will be in two weeks, on April 30.  Donna is in charge, and I’ll let you know the location in my letter next week.
Ben’s missionary farewell will be on May 14, Mothers Day, in Nora’s ward at noon.  He’s serving in the Layton Utah Mission as a service missionary.  He’ll be doing various service projects and going on splits with the missionaries.  He gets his own car, and his missionary tags came in the mail, so he’s pretty excited.  Go, Ben!  And because of the farewell, Our book club for May will be pushed back to May 21. 
If any of you local people are worried about flooding, John has plenty of sandbags on hand.  Between the trailer and the truck, he has about 100.  He did four earlier loads around town.  Heber is going to be making a Main Street river for when the mountain snow melts.  When we drove through there yesterday, I noticed pallets of sandbags in front of each house along Center.  Some of you older kids remember the State Street River through Salt Lake in 1983.  It was pretty exciting.  Hopefully this will work out well for Heber.  Most of our local snow is gone now, but the mountain snow hasn’t even started melting.  They’re hoping to be ready for that.
So much going on!  There’s no stopping the excitement.  Love, Mom